StrikerX due – Nuevo Classico

Late 2019 – The start of the second “StrikerX Due” was initiated. This bike will be a much more enhanced model than the first StrikerX Uno.

Where the first StrikerX Uno it’s main purpose was to exploit the possibilities of the frame and exterior design, the second model will, on top of exterior enhancements, be also given much more detail to the engine charateristics. The engine is now being modified to a 944 cc, high compression, light weight internal engine parts. Casings undone from manufacture imperfections.

The ultimate goal is to build the most responsive Cafe Racer in this class of motorcycles and will outperform any standard 900SS.

What it all started with, complete disassembly….
Engine Primer
First layer final casing color
backbone setup
944SS engine with S2r swingarm